All About Chain Conveyors

Manual labor in industries have become the thing of the past, thanks to some of the advanced engineering technologies which have paved way to quick processing of goods. Of all the advancements, the conveyor system is the most predominant powered system which is seen facilitating the various production lines of industries across the world.

A type of conveyor system is the chain conveyor which is equipped with a series of pendants that is driven by a motor, which facilitates the movements of products in a structured assembly line in the manufacturing unit of the industry. Primarily used in transporting heavy unit loads, the chain conveyors might either be a single strand configuration or a double depending on the necessity.

With options aplenty in the conveyor system category, why does one choose chain conveyors above its counterparts? The reasons are:

Chain conveyors can handle loads which are oddly shaped with irregular bottoms like the car frames, which generally would not move on roller conveyors. The chain conveyor system is one of the most dependent systems as a result of its highly rugged and durable nature. This kind of conveyor systems can easily integrate with other systems, thereby speeding up the whole processing unit. Last but not the least, chain conveyors distributes the load evenly, as a result of which there is orderliness in the product line. So, now that we have known the benefits of chain conveyors, let us see some of its basic types.

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