Common Types Of Hearing Loss

Have you ever experienced an unusual feeling in your ears? Has something changed in the way you hear? Do you experience any discomfort in hearing? Then you might need to see a doctor and let them check whether it is a type of hear loss. Hear loss can be a very serious disorder that cannot be taken for granted. And to give you an orientation of what is hear loss, here are information on the types of hear loss that could be helpful for you.

According to there are two common types of hear loss and it could be conductive or sensorineural. Conductive hearing loss is the type of hear loss that can actually occur within the middle ear or the outside ear. In this type of hear loss, the causes are ear infections, the fluid in the middle ear that comes from colds, or earwax. With sensorineural hear loss, it is the failure of transmitting the vibration of sound through the inner ear which is the cochlea. I have learned from The causes of sensorineural hear loss can possibly be congenital or acquired. A congenital cause includes prematurity, heredity, or infections. On the other side, acquired causes include ear infections, traumatic injuries, disease or even the effect of drugs in the human body.

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