Lovin My Espresso Coffee Machine

The best part of waking up doesn't always have to be coffee in your cup. Instead, why not mix things up? De Longhi offers up a top-notch consumer targeted espresso and cappuccino maker. The De Longhi BAR32 Retro 15 gives coffee lovers the ability to make a delicious cafe-inspired creation right in their own home.

Outside of the obvious benefit of having the ability to make high-quality espresso and cappuccino, there are a number of perks that the Retro 15 offers over competitors. First of all, the price point can't be beat for the quality of the product. Amazingly, this product can be found on the internet for less than $100. In addition to the price point, the Retro 15 has the capability to use single-serve pods or loose grounds making your options almost limitless. One of the models most convenient features is that it sports two separate thermostats allowing for a perfect temperature every time it's used.

While the Retro 15 has a lot to offer, no product is without its downfalls. For fans of a strong brew, it may be best to use your own grounds. The filter does not hold enough for a strong cup so a second bowl may be necessary. However, this takes time and effort. For those looking for a quick cup on their way out the door, this may not be ideal. While it may be a bit nit-picky, the design, while stylish, does not offer much mug clearance. In the case of the BAR32 Retro 15, the shorter the mug is the better.

Most espresso coffee machines reviews are very favorable toward De Longhi's sleekly designed BAR32 Retro 15. Of course there are more expensive models that may be a better fit for some consumers needs. But for those looking for a middle of the road espresso and cappuccino maker at a great price, nothing tops De Longhi's BAR32 Retro 15. What is not to like? Buyers of this product can act like they are a real barista right before leaving for their true profession.

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