Manicure Pen – Simple Nail Designs Cute, Simple Nail Designs: Striped Bow Tie

Look no further, if you should be searching for sweet, simple nail types. If you enjoy striped nails, then you are in for a treat. Striped nails were taken by the artist to another location level by adding a cute bow tie on every one of her thumbs. The most effective part concerning this look is that you can re-create it with no expensive tools. The one thing you'll need are very different shades of nail polish: black white and blue. Wish to get this nail design a lot more formal? You are able to change the blue back ground for blue alternatively.

1. The base color is blue, while you can see in the picture. Therefore, paint all your nails using a rich blue color.

2. An individual will be satisfied with your striped nails, it's time and energy to add the ultimate touch to the simple, fun nail design-the bow-tie. Because your thumb gets the largest nail, it is best to draw the bow-tie just on your own thumbs. Nowadays drawing a design on just one hand is fun and very popular. Draw your bow tie in white. Then return and outline in black nail-polish. To become more specific, you need to use a black nail art brush to describe your bow-tie.

3. The next thing you need to do is attract thick black and white stripes across the top of each of your nails. You should begin with one color first and wait for it to dry before using the second color. Let dry. Then return and put your black stripes. Yet another option is always to paint the top half- of your nail all-white. Then return and put two black lines.

To see images of nail designs and learn how to recreate them visit cute nail designs, where you could learn how to complete rhinestone nail designs. For more help you can also search nail art designs on the internet.

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