What Chiropractors Need To Understand About Chiropractic Marketing

You have gone through school. You learned about anatomy, physiology, and the subluxation. You are a master at adjusting the backbone.

Now it is time for you to truly become ensconced in your everyday job for a chiropractor. Or is it?

Despite what most chiropractors have been taught and how most operate, as the owner of your own very own chiropractic practice your primary function is NOT as the chief deliverer of chiropractic care.

It is in the building, growing, and securing of the practice above all. Because without a consistent and predictable system for acquiring and keeping patients long-term you practice will always struggle. For more help you can also search redmond chiropractic at http://woodinvillesportandspine.com/services/chiropractic-care/ on the internet.

As my friend, mentor, and best-selling writer, Michael Masterson, clarifies in his own book Ready, Fire, Aim, there is nothing more important or essential to an entrepreneur (something most chiropractors sadly do not recognize they are) than a reliable process of obtaining and keeping new customers, clients, or in your situation, patients.

In the first phases of the monetary increase of your practice, your priority should be in the developing of that trusted patient - acquisition process. In other words, until you get to a particular critical mass in your practice, you definitely should not take your focus off of having a process or system for getting new patients.

Later, once you have that trusted system set up you may then change a portion of your time and focus to the internal chiropractic marketing of new services and merchandises to existing patients. But, irrespective of how financially flush your practice gets, a piece of your time must always go to towards to care of your new patient acquisition system.

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